Trip to Rinchenpong, West Sikkim

Amidst a crazy monsoon in Siliguri as well as the rest of the north Bengal we just decided to take a two days trip to West Sikkim. Risk taken was enormous as the roads in Sikkim are extremely prone to landslides. Many roads to Sikkim were closed until last week owing to torrential downpour. And yet the allure of mountains during off season somehow ended up outweighing the inevitable risk factor.
However the roads turned out to be mostly ok apart from a small patch near Kitam bird sanctuary. The entire drive was otherwise comfortable and absolutely picturesque. 

Rinchenpong is a small village in the district of West Sikkim situated at an altitude of 5576 feet. Population is very less here and mostly people depend on farming for livelihood. My phone had no network in Rinchenpong and the resort's wifi strength was very poor. I had no way of receiving any phone calls from anyone. And even though the urge to open Instagram every half an hour was quite bugging me from time to time, a part of me was enjoying the respite. My parents back in Calcutta were busy with cousin's wedding and they had also sort of forgotten about me so the timing couldn't have been better.

There are a handful of luxury resorts in Rinchenpong and all of them were totally devoid of any tourists. Which was not unexpected. Not only is it monsoon but this little hamlet in West Sikkim is one of the lesser known destinations. Our decision to stay at Ghonday Village Resort was both premeditated as well as random. It was dusk already when we reached Rinchenpong and had started raining. It was our sheer fortune that one guy from the very resort was at a shop where we had gotten down to ask for direction.

Wherever I go I usually make at least one canine friend and Rinchenpong was no exception. Every time we were going out in the village the dogs were following us everywhere. One of the village dogs was so passively demanding that he wouldn't stop tailing us around until we fed him biscuits; and his companions.

It was a detox vacation so we had decided not to roam around or do any sightseeing. The only places we had dropped by were the Rinchenpong Monastery and the organic farm house where we bought a bag full of locally produced organic wine from. The wines are delicious although I am not sure if they are entirely sugar free. These days I don't consume sugar at all and I don't wish to break that pattern.

I think the main reason behind choosing Ghonday Village Resort was it's convenient location as well as their amazing decor. The chess board terrace coupled with a very well maintained garden was an ideal place to sit and watch the clouds floating around from one hill to the next one. Food was amazing and I don't think I need to mention the classic warm hospitality of Sikkimese folks. Two days well spent.