Avengers Endgame: A Tribute


You know that feeling when you are sitting on your sorry ass on your own and you are crying the fuck over the untimely death of some 'imaginary' characters?  You know you are being stupid. You know you have a millions of problems in your stupid fucking life that needs immediate attention. You know those people aren't real. Yet you cry your fucking eyes out over them. Because you also laughed with them in the past. You felt heartbroken when they lost their loved ones. You felt a rising lump in your throat every time you watched them reunite with their one true love yet separated by the chasm of time. You too were a part of their every adventure. You knew you would never feel those things in your life. You spent so many nights praying for the best for those people who were never 'real'. You just wanted them to be happy.

You don't know what love is. Yet love knows who you are.

And the more people mocked you the stronger the bond grew.

Because you are one of them.

You too are an Avenger. 

Forever and Always.