What I Wore in Goa

It's been a while since I wrote an outfit post here. My last post was quite heavy so I thought maybe some light breeze was due. What's better than talking about my most favourite things in the world? Clothes. Well, I actually didn't pack well for Goa. Mostly because I was too eager to get the hell out of Darjeeling. This time I didn't shop much either. So I ended up repeating the same outfit several times.

Top was a hand-me-down from BFF years ago. Yes I wore sneakers to a beach.

My favourite gamcha skirt from 145East

Christmas is the peak season in Goa. Weather was nice and pleasant. We were living in a village by the river away from the city so it used to get chillier there especially at night. I cannot express in words the sheer pleasure of roaming around with my skin exposed. No sweater. No socks. No stupid blanket. You would just slather half a bottle of sunscreen and step out.

My precious Anokhi Jaipur kaftan dress

Maxi dress from a thrift store in Palolem

As I mentioned before, South Goa is mostly full of foreigners and that means you would see a lot of bikinis around. And that can cause you a whole lot of inferiority complex. Half the time I was wondering what they ate and rest of the time I was loathing my own 'imperfections'. When one is genetically screwed to begin with there's usually nothing much left to do. Adding insult to injury, my hair was at its ruined best so most of the time I was battling dryness and terrible hair fall.

Another thrift store purchase. And even though my eyes are shut this is the best click of the gown I could manage.

One of the best dresses I own.

And yet, one is left with many other choices. Maxi dresses, boho tops, skirts, itsy bitsy playsuits, funky flip flops. Options are endless. Of all the outfits I wore, the Global Desi dress was my most favourite. I picked it up from a Bombay showroom as it was out of stock online.