New Address

Sometimes I don't understand how some people can have job, husband, and responsibility to run an entire household and still can find time to blab on their blog which probably nobody gives any real fuck about. As it turns out, I am a poor multitasker. Ain't no superwoman here. Talking about multitasking, moving out of a house and moving in to a new one is one hell of a process. Not to mention finding God is easier than finding a new house in a place like Darjeeling. And that includes Siliguri as well. In the hills nobody wants to rent you a house because they would rather run a hotel there. In the plains, people will ask for such exorbitant price that you would have to do a double take. Is it a metropolitan?! Oh no, it's just another highly congested, polluted suburb shithole called Siliguri. Apparently in the hills here people take special pride in saying that they have another house in Siliguri. Loser much?

So when I realised that my year long search for a proper apartment (One cannot imagine how those people live in Darjeeling.) should come to an end with no success whatsoever I had to start thinking of plan B. Right at that moment I fell sick with severe dysuria which is not completely gone yet. 2019 is turning out to be the year of bitchass timing. I knew I had to fuck off from the land of overrated tourism and unethical practice. My government quarter was also giving in. Not to mention I was facing serious water scarcity, thanks to those illegal tenants downstairs who are running a laundry business using all those free municipality water.

You realise how much crap you own when you are moving out of a place. The movers and packers people turned out to be at par with the general standard of the place. Not exactly professional, but somewhat average. I couldn't move for the first two days after moving in here. I was exhausted. And the sudden climate change was also taking its toll. But finally I am living in a place that I can call inhabitable by humans.

And yet, I am not happy. I don't know what I am doing. I don't know how right my decision was to move out of Darjeeling. Not that I love that place or its people in general. Office going will become a huge task from here. And a bitter cloud of confusion looms over there as well. Do I want to keep my job? Should I stick to it? Am I being an escapist? Where will I end up after all? Am I finally making right choices in life? Or this one will also add up to my already humongous pile of mistakes and self-destructive decisions? Let's hope the confusion will end with Mercury turning direct this 29th of March. I always hate when the planet of communication goes retrograde. Oh what a terribly fateful life I have had. And maybe still having. Just that now I have a new address where I can wallow around without having to worry about the cold, or water. Maybe my health will also get better. Let's hope for the best.

Oh and last but definitely not the least -- my straight hair is back.