Goa Diaries: Day Hike to Netravali Waterfall

There are two waterfalls that comes under the area of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. We visited only one. Now if you are hoping to bump into some wildlife creatures on the way to the waterfall you will be disappointed. It was a long drive from Canacona and GPS gave in once we crossed the national highway and entered the foothill of the mountains. For the rest of the journey we had to rely on old school GPS, random fellow Indian on the street. Netravali Sanctuary is located on one of the hilltops of Goan share of the Western Ghats range. The zigs and zags of the winding road was giving me major deja vu. After all that's all I run away from these days. After one and half an hour of blindfold drive we reached the gate of the sanctuary where we had to get entry tickets. Our destination was still half an hour away. Upon reaching we discovered to our(read 'my') utter dismay that we were not alone. Few foreigners as well as Indians were also on the way to the waterfall.

Hiking in thirty four degree Celsius is not a pleasant experience. Especially when one is dressed for the beach and suddenly finds oneself stuck in the middle of a jagged vertiginous trail. My beach flipflops were protesting in unison having brushed against rough stones while I was wincing in pain and gasping for breath simultaneously. Since when did I become so bloody unfit? Is it alcohol? Could be. I had drunk almost a gallon of beer ever since I had set foot in Goa. Another downside of flipflops is that they don't really have the grip to hold one's weight while walking downhill. The last part of the hike I crossed while praying silently under my breath so that I wouldn't end up on my Calcutta bound flight with a broken foot.

The waterfall area was well guarded by forest rangers. So no chance of monkeying around what cheap Indians are so fond of. Unlike the path the destination was serene and cooler. I had a good chance of redeeming myself for all the dirt the trail deposited on my bare legs. I sank my feet into the water and gave myself a nice pedicure using the pebbles and moss on the waterbed while someone else was busy chasing some spider trying to swim its way through the water.

There was another waterfall some distance away. But I was done for the day.