My heart isn't broken again
For the nth number of times
Nobody betrayed me
For one more time
Nobody left without
Keeping their promise

But I know
Someone did all those things
To you.
Someone broke your heart
I know
You are alive
But you can't breathe
You are fighting
Yet you want to give up

I know all that.
I feel all that.
Because my friend
I have been there too
Just like you

And tonight
I'm not gonna judge you
I'm not gonna paint
Your bleeding heart
In black & white

Because I know.
It's all smeared in red
When a story ends prematurely
When a road stops halfway
When the wolves howl
At the full moon
The world bleeds red

So tonight
I'm gonna cry for you
I'm gonna open
My hidden wounds
To the moon
And howl
In vain.

I'm gonna cry for both of us two.