Pujo 2018

This year I realised a few things that had changed (irrevocably perhaps) about me.
Number one, except for Mahalaya programme and Visarjan I no longer have any sentimental attachment to Durga Puja. The sheer reason of going home was only for parents and the best friends (two, to be precise). Honestly speaking, I would have been more than happy to go on a trip.

Number two, talking about best friends, I no longer have the patience to entertain people whom I do not particularly consider friend, or people I really care about. I spent half my vacation lying in bed reading books (something I rarely get to do in Darjeeling these days) and felt absolutely peaceful.

That's my friend


Number three, I am no longer a fan of pandal hopping. This year, however, I went out twice with friends. One day to north Calcutta with A because she had never been there. Second time with D for exactly 1.5 hours during which we explored exactly three pandals.

The ittar guy

Sovabazar Rajbari

Number four, the only activity I still enjoy is donning saree on Ashtami morning and go for anjali with ma. But whether that is inspired by my devotion or my love for my temperamental mother that is a debatable topic. But my heart will probably weigh towards the latter.

Parar pujo

Mayer sathe

However, this year Durga Puja was good. At least better than last year. Pujo started with my first sighting of the goddess in Darjeeling itself. Rest of it was spent in Calcutta. I was more excited about meeting my friends than the festival itself. A and I met after almost two years. It is always fun to be with her. And the best part about our friendship is that no matter how less we stay in touch, or after how long we meet, it never feels like we have to catch up. We always pick up where we left it. And although I was dehydrated and exhausted and miserable, we never fell short of any word. Not to mention we devoted some time to bitch about Meghan Markle as well. Is there a better feeling that talking nasty about someone you both hate? Not to mention once we tried to board the metro from Sovabazar to Park Street. The amount of people jostling around in the small underground space was enough to trigger my claustrophobia and anxiety. Calcutta is getting out of control by each year. And my love for my hometown is decreasing at a more than proportionate rate.


Ajaynagar was comparatively empty this year and somehow I was happy about it. As I said before, I am slowly losing the strength to face people by day. Darjeeling is a good hideout for me.  Although a part of me was sad this time while coming back, the miserable me was happy to be back in the land of the Himalayas.

Shubho Bijoya to all.