Diwali 2018

I had never celebrated Diwali so properly until this year. My fondest memory of Diwali (or Kali Puja) was the Lokkhi Pujo my grandmother used to do. We are proud natives of West Bengal (or Calcutta to be precise) and our custom is to do Lokkhi Pujo on the day of Kali Pujo, which is NOT to be confused with the puja that non-Bengalis do.

Last year's Diwali was quite awful. I was all alone in a new place surrounded by strangers. I was living as a paying guest at some Nepali woman's house. I was neither very enthusiastic nor happy to participate in their festivities. Not to mention my personal life was going through some upheaval again. Toxic people, toxic influence. This year I was travelling both before and after Diwali and I was home for only three days in between and we did all we could to celebrate the festival of light. It was simple, not extravagant but no less amazing.