People who did not know much about our family were only aware that my grandma had three sons. But we knew that she had also given birth to twin daughters who died in infancy. As a result celebrating a girl child's birthday was forbidden in our family. No, please do not think it was due to any discrimination against girl child. My upbringing and I rather embody everything opposite to that. It was rather a result of personal grief. As a child I would feel little sad but as I grew up I could realise my grandmother's grief to some extent. And I sincerely hope I never get to realise it fully.

My brother came to visit me last week and today only he left. Actually my parents were supposed to come too but they had to cancel. So basically I got to celebrate my 'half birthday' this year. I had no bloody expectation so I was happily surprised. However I spent the afternoon crying and cleaning the house after he had left to catch the train home.

So my birthday was exactly like life. Joy and sorrow mixed together. With a touch of the unpredictable. So no regret. No complaint.

A very happy birthday to me. :)

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