Gangtok Photowalk: Part 1

When you travel to the same place but with different people the experience turns out to be different no doubt. I have been to Gangtok so many times that I know the nooks and crannies of that town more than most people. But the experience varies. This time was no exception. Although not every experience are to be talked about out loud. Some are too personal. Let them remain so. Especially when there's no dearth of curious scavengers in my life. So just enjoy the photo journey, which is no less interesting, that I can guarantee you.

Somewhere in Kalimpong

Locally manufactured mango juice. Too sugary I must say.

Ever seen clouds looming over a river?

This was a new place. Gangtok Groove. Amazing food. Great ambiance. Nice people.

Thai rice bowl.

Belgian chocolate cake and homemade gelato ice-cream.

To be continued