Sonam's Kitchen

After spending almost ten months in Darjeeling I have come to terms with one sad truth. I am not living my life to the fullest. Whatever I had planned (or dreamed ) before coming here have remained mostly unfulfilled. When people ask what I do in my leisure time I usually respond with a grimace on my face that most of my spare times are spent on binge drinking or cleaning the house and sometimes both simultaneously. There was no water in my flat for past few days and after a lot of cribbing and abusing (to myself only) this morning I discovered that this was due to an airlock in the water pipe. Not only was I on cloud nine watching the water coming out of the taps in full force, I also realised that I still had a long way to go when it comes to adulting successfully. And imagine what would happen if I had to take care of other human beings. I take pride in being independent yes. But the truth is I am still a cranky prepubescent teenager with depression, anxiety, and serious alcohol problem.

In some way friends always make situation better. And by friends, I don't mean desperate, lonely senior citizens (Or men with dire midlife crisis) mollycoddling me all the time. I miss hanging out with people of my own age. Sitting with S on a weekday morning at Sonam's Kitchen for breakfast I could almost touch the void in me. I am the loneliest person on earth. Except for those late-night group calls with colleagues I have zero social life suiting my age. And let's not even talk about love life. Any sign of real intimacy and my anxiety goes out of the roof. But alcohol or not, being around friends feel good. Not mention I get a chance to actually explore places. For example, Sonam's Kitchen. Tucked in one of the alleyways of Darjeeling this little cafe is a part of homestay. Food is unbelievably good and cheap. Our order for hashbrown-eggs-tomato and banana-honey-nuts pancake turned out to be better than expected. Not to mention the quaint but snug interior was a bonus. In past ten months I have been to Glenary's so many times that maybe it's time to ditch that over-hyped, overpriced place for smaller, lesser known joints. Although for a loner, loser like me it's highly unlikely that I would actually find proper people to accompany me there.

But the best part? I skipped office that day. Finally someone made me do it.

The resident munchkin