12th National Statistics Day in Darjeeling

Remember last time? We had celebrated the 11th NSD in Calcutta where we had nothing much to do except posing for my colleague's DSLR. This time the entire responsibility of the district was on me and I thought I would die of a stroke. I had to kiss many asses and make many compromises in order to make this day a success. You realise you truly have become the crazy office bitch with no personal life when you are more than compliant to kiss people's unworthy asses for the sake of your job. As the founder of my alma mater Prof. PCM would be so proud of me.

Dr. Moumita Ghosh, HoD Economics, Southfield College

Prof. Sudha Rai, Dept. of Economics, Darjeeling Government College

Mr. Binoy Tamang, Honorable Chairman, GTA

Mr. Amar Singh Rai, Honorable MLA, Darjeeling

Mr. Pranay Rai, Honorable District Public Prosecutor, Darjeeling

My staff of Darjeeling District Office