High and Higher

Did you ever smoke a rare quality joint and got so 'motivated' that tried to write some blog post? Well, I did. Today I was going through my draft folder when a post caught my eye. I mean I have written hundreds of posts here while being shit pissed drunk. Some turned out to be my 'masterpiece'. (I am so vain, aren't I?) And some were so embarrassing that I had to take them down once I was back to my sober mode. Usually I am more shameless than the bloody Kardashians but those were way too frank for my humongous ego. Alcohol cripples many things and ego is among the top three areas. But I don't think I had ever written anything after smoking pot. Reason being I had never smoked pot until last Christmas when my brother 'encouraged' me to explore this hitherto untouched vice. (And also, if alcohol brings out the raw emotions then weed messes it all up, including the words.) Result? One hour later I was writing a piece on Infinity War theory which would make Thanos want to destroy this fucking planet even more quickly. And no, there is no way in hell I am going to publish that ridonkulous piece of crap. Russo brothers will sue my weed-smoking ass. Even though I have promised never to touch weed again after an all-night vomiting marathon incident. Just wanna say that the post ends with Stan Lee selling weed in the alleyways behind Esplanade metro.
Marvel should actually hire me. Like seriously.