March Album

I was in Calcutta during the holi vacation. This was taken on the day of our synagogue visit. She had reached early. I was still stuck in jam. By the time I arrived she had left to explore Saint John's Church in the vicinity. So I helped myself to a glass of mixed fruit juice meanwhile. 

If anybody wondered why I didn't post anything on the occasion of Women's day, here's the reason. I was travelling from Calcutta to Darjeeling on that very day and unlike some, I am not jobless enough to make draft posts months in advance. I think. I write them down. Contemplating and editing them beforehand so people know how politically correct I am is not my cup of tea. I was travelling to the airport from home while listening to the women's day special playlist on Ola. Yeh Honsla has always been my favourite number. But it was more special on that day. Tanha yeh dil toh kya... #yehhonslakaisejhuke

Another random Women's day snap which I posted on Instagram. #noreasonreally

Do I have some foot fetish? God knows. I was just very happy with my new socks that day. The right pair I call the 'mandir wahi banayenge' socks. Left one is 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

I LOVE rain in the mountains. It gets shit cold but who cares as long as you can see this.

Just some random graffiti I spotted while roaming about on a lazy weekend afternoon.

The day I almost got killed.

Narcissist. Back again.

Some random couple at Glenary's that reminded me of my parents.

That is Kenny. Kenny is over-enthusiastic. Kenny gets carried away. Kenny put a hole in my grocery bag. Kenny broke my cookie container. Kenny almost bit me. Had Kenny been a human I would have slapped the crap outta him. But look at Kenny. Kenny is a piece of marshmallow. I love Kenny.

To be very honest, the kid was annoying the living shit out of the dog and she was too much a good girl to say anything. I don't care much about kids and I find nothing cute or innocent about such sadistic bastard kids. I wanted to tear her ear off for pestering the dog. But somehow they ended up looking too photogenic. All credit goes to the good girl though. Just for the record, I would still beat the shit out of the kid for annoying the dog.

It was about 8 o' clock in the morning. The sky got very dark and it started raining. I was loitering in the balcony when suddenly the rain stopped for about five minutes and the clouds parted and this is what I saw before my eyes. My breath stopped. I prostrated and took a snap. Sometimes the gods appear in front of you, if you are lucky enough. It was one such moment.

It was this new year when I had promised myself not to cry over any bastard abandoning me again. But then I failed. This little person appeared at my doorstep when it was raining cats and dogs outside. I almost died of exertion bringing food and give her shelter. And then next day she practically dumped me. I cried I swear. And I am not a cat person, mind you. (Had it been my fuckface ex he would have said I have BPD. Fuck that psycho asshole big time.)

Seriously. Look at this mini idiot. Fuck my eyes are still moist. 

March was too hectic. Yet, I survived. Thank you gods.