Infinity War (NO SPOILER)

I don’t know what to write actually. I mean you have to be a real uncultured swine not to know the basic storyline. And saying anything more than the basic storyline would be giving out spoilers. So Thanos is this Titan who lives in the outer space. He is basically a communist with a psycho twist. He doesn’t give fuck about Economics and all. His method is simple. Kill people to keep population under check. Less population growth means more per capita prosperity. He is a man of word. He does what he believes. So for thousands of years he has been bringing ‘balance’ to several planets in the universe. Now it’s time for Earth. I mean it’s kind of surprising that Earth’s name didn’t come up sooner. However, this time Thanos is not only after Earth. He is after the Infinity Stones. When the big bang took place all the energies of the universe got separated into six crystallized form – the six Infinity Stones. And all six stones ended up scattered across the universe. Tessaract, Loki’s scepter, the eye of Agamoto etc. Now Thanos wants to collect all six of them so that he becomes the  most powerful being in the whole universe and can continue with his ‘communist campaign’ with better efficiency. Enter the Avengers. Movie begins.

I have a LONG weekend lined up, starting from tomorrow. So I could have gone for the movie tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. Even the day after that. I told you, it’s a LONG weekend. But no. I couldn’t wait. I have anxiety. And you can’t imagine how difficult it is for a person like me to live with constant anticipation coupled with the fear of spoilers. I mean I hadn’t opened Instagram in past thirty six hours and I check that bloody app every half an hour. So I went straight ahead and booked the first day second show. I couldn’t book the first show because I couldn’t skip office. The perks of living in a Marvel illiterate town is that you CAN get the afternoon show ticket of bloody Infinity fucking War on the day of the release AND choose your seat. Seriously what the fuck the youth of this town actually do? Roam around in pairs all the time wearing first copies? Whatever. My life is a literal manifestation of Murphy’s law and of all days today I had to have all the works. First I began to wriggle in my chair. I was checking the clock on the computer screen at a 17 times per minute rate. After a while I just said fuck it and got up and started. The Inox of Darjeeling is technically not at all far from my office. But it’s a steep uphill walk. I was almost crawling when I reached. I am a rightist nationalist anyway but today I was wholeheartedly thankful for the whole national anthem business I swear.

Seriously I cannot give out spoilers but honestly I was shit scared and half dead with anxiety. Bloody who would they kill off? I was fully prepared to come home and spend my weekend crying copiously over my dead heroes. But it was not so bad. At times it was dead depressing, BUT… There will be a sequel. And when there is sequel there is hope. And as long as hope lives one should not feel sad. By the way, this is NOT a spoiler. If you are a super-cool loser nerd like me, you should be fully aware of this trivia. I mean I have been reading articles on Infinity War since 2013 and I know there would be a part 2. And if all things fail; if all deaths are irrevocable this time.. Well, I can always go back to watching the previous movies and do what I do the best. Live in total denial and just be happy. That works.

There are times when I couldn’t help but frown upon Darjeeling people. I mean there was not a single round of applause when Cap appeared. No noise when Thor had his comeback. No cheering when one of the most popular actors among nerds made a surprise appearance. Don’t worry though. I was sitting all alone in my row screaming and applauding the fuck out the entire time. I am pretty sure I had an attack out of all the excitement. I was trembling vigorously the entire second half. I still am.

And all this time I couldn’t help but think of one thing. These loser fuckers from our so-called Bollywood are always showing off their huge star status everywhere. God knows who gives any actual fuck about them. And there are these people. I follow all these guys' social media accounts and their simplicity amazes me. And you know what? There is no longer a Chris Evans. Or a Mark Ruffalo. Or a Chris Hemsworth. Or a Robert Downey Jr. Or a Sebastian Stan. They are the Avengers now. Our Avengers. Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Marvel forever.

Infinity War day outfit. Today was also temple visit day, for some special reason.