Rajasthan: What I Wore

Ever since I moved to Darjeeling my love for Indo-fusion outfits has gone up quite a bit. As a human (and rather a twisted one) I am always attracted to things I can't have. After successfully surviving my first winter in the hills I realised what I was missing the most. I am a forever spring-summer girl in the land of forever autumn-winter. So when we planned for Rajasthan I was over the moon with all the outfit ideas. I packed my sandals, maxi dresses and loads of accessories. In many way Rajasthan was a cathartic trip for me as well as for my friend. We both were celebrating a newfound sense of liberation. She was happy after quitting her stupid job and coming out of a prolong cycle of self-loathing. I was celebrating my new independent as well as single status. Our outfits reflected our state of mind. It was colourful, vibrant and breezy. And the whole theme was perfectly in sync with two cities that are all about celebrating life with oodles and oodles of colour. Climate was perfect. It was neither hot nor cold. During daytime we were roaming in our summer clothes. At night we were sipping vodka under the blanket.

All three maxi dresses are tailor-made; ideas were mine. The green one I first wore on my birthday. The big, colourful bag was purchased from Jaipur on the very first day and I carried it around for the rest of the trip. The dupatta, juttis, and most of the jewellery were bought from Jaipur only. The blue Tibetan necklace was from my friend's collection. The mangteeka I bought from a street vendor near Jagdish temple. Whole Udaipur looked twice at me that day. We explored most of the places either on foot or by public transport. So overall I kept everything fuss-free and simple yet in sync with the local culture. As I said before, people were not only super nice, even their gawking had a flattering touch to it. I enjoyed it a lot. Mostly because I find guys in Darjeeling to be very metrosexual and unattractive. Seeing proper Indian men after a long time was quite reassuring.