The Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday the earth witnessed a rare event. It was a super moon, blue moon, blood moon AND a total lunar eclipse. Whoops. My Instagram feed was flooded with pictures, updates, and of course, memes revolving this incredible celestial event. Unfortunately I did not get to see it. Darjeeling was covered in thick blanket of fog. (It's sunny today though.) But that doesn't mean I was not aware of it. I had been following this incident and its possible impacts on our lives for quite a while. This rare lunar eclipse took place in Leo, a fire sign famous for its pride and vigor. Eclipses, new moon or full moon always bear some climactic implications. Things come to fruition. Things come to end. New beginnings follow. Hence any big lunar event is a great opportunity to wish for something big, or something new. This lunar eclipse is the end of a cycle that started in August, 2016. So anything you had wished for that time, might come to fruition now. You may not see the results immediately though. But do keep your eyes open. The universe is always sending us signals. Honestly speaking, I don't quite remember what I had wished for six months back, except for my posting. Lunar eclipses are a chance to learn from your past mistakes and start brand new. I know this firsthand as my purging has begun two weeks back. I am de-cluttering my life. I am renovating, re-building, reshaping my habits, my thoughts and my lifestyle. I am now more conscious, more aware of my thoughts. I am more in control of my ego. I am determined to get rid of the old and rotten pile of bad karma. I have no long-term goal as of now. I just wake up everyday with an intention of creating at least one good karma. However, I am no longer apologetic for being myself either. I know the world will adjust accordingly. I am by far the most honest version of myself right now and I no longer care about accommodating wrong people in my life by giving up my true self. I don't think of who is going to come along and love me. As long as I love myself that's more than enough. I look at my reflection in the mirror with loads of affection. This girl has been through a lot. And she is still ALIVE. She is a fighter. She deserves the best.

I am grateful. I am grateful to the universe for who I am right now. I have come a long way and I am grateful for everything that has happened so far with me. I no longer look at my past with bitter resentment. I know I am different. I was destined to be so. And different people are always special. They are always bound to get more bruises than average folk. And I am grateful for that. I KNOW the best is yet to come. I KNOW my life will never cease to be full of surprises. And I KNOW everything is going to be alright.

Liberation comes when you are finally free from within. When your soul lets go of the things that have been holding you back your whole life. Forgiving is not an easy task. The ego always gets in the way. So I have started with forgiving myself for being a fallible mortal. The fears, the petty urges, lies, deception that had been weighing me down are slowly ebbing away. Every time I smile I feel a little lighter. Every time I silence the monsters in my head I feel little better. It's a fight. But good things always come after hard battles. And I am ready for it now.

What are your super moon lunar eclipse wishes?