Month End Adventure

The best and worst thing about surprise is that, its effect stays for the first five minutes and during that time life seems like fairy tale. I hadn't told my parents that I was coming home for Holi just so I could have that five minutes. It was priceless the way my mother's face went blank and then her eyes lit up. Life soon went back to regular mode. Why I looked thin. Why I wasn't getting married. What's the point of going on trips and wasting all the hard earned money, etc etc. I looked at my sleep-deprived face in the mirror and wondered whether I should have stayed back. Home sweet home.

Ever since 2018 hit, I am riding on a new high. One adventure is following another. So I thought, how about making that a norm this year? Or hopefully, for the next year and so on. Now let's be clear about it. Your idea of adventure may not necessarily match with mine. For you it might be bungee jumping. For me it could be talking to a new person. Or chopping my hair off. Or going on an all girl trip. Or taking a solo bus journey from Siliguri to Calcutta for the first time.

No no, no way. I simply cannot just pretend here. My first preference is always catching a flight, unless I am travelling with someone. I had to opt for the bus ride because the plan was uncertain. My friend a supposed to come over to Darjeeling but we got fucked at the last moment. So instead I chose to come down to see her. And not to mention, some epic Calcutta plan is brewing.

The bus journey was so full of deja vu that I could almost feel someone's presence in the empty seat next to me. Less than a year ago I was on a uncannily similar looking bus, all excited about the journey I had embarked upon; oblivious about future. Only the terrain was different. And the co-passenger was vomiting like a live fountain. It's funny no? How sometimes life hits the rewind button. I am a sensitive ass, there's no denying it. So of course I did shed a few tears in the dark looking out at the repulsive view of rural Bengal (I HATE it) slipping away fast. But overall, it was a nice, philosophical kind of feeling. And a delusional sense of comfort. The same way we seek the presence of dead dear ones.

And just when I was wallowing conveniently in the comfort of reclining seat coupled with quiet and a lack of sick partner, the part two of my adventure started. The set-up was completely different on our Rajasthan buses. There was no TV. You enter your coupe and forget about what's going on outside. Here there was a TV. And a mandatory movie show. Srijit Mukherjee's Zulfiqar. I know right. I am guilty of going to watch Yeti Obhijaan but in my defence I only went to see the mountains and the bits which was shot in Sikkim. Never in a million years I would watch that insufferable guy's insufferable movies. But here I had no choice. So I spent next two hours cringing and cursing under my breath. Horrible plot, cringe-worthy dialogues, laughable cast and disgusting acting. A Bengali adaptation of Julius Caesar. And that was not the worst part. After the movie was over I realised whom I had liked the most in the entire circus. Wait for it. It was Dev. My friend's reaction to my discovery came with a serious concern that they might have put something in the water bottle. And that's when it hit me. Dev played a mute person in Zulfiqar, quite conveniently. And that's why I liked him. He was the least despicable. Being mute can actually make people like you. Alas, if only I had watched this movie back in 2017 I would have been saved of so many disasters.