New Moon

A new moon is a chance to start afresh. A cosmic second chance. And this time it is happening in Sagittarius, the Jupiter child of all things happy and positive. Sagittarius thinks big, just like his ruling planet, the god of feast and expansion. The Centaur may have his feet on the ground but his eyes are always in the sky. Sometimes he stumbles and falls into the potholes of earthy reality. Life often disappoints him; people often hurt his naive, childlike spirit. But he always gets back up and aims his arrow steady at his new quest. Hope truly does stay alive for the half human half horse fellow. He is a mythical creature. His half full cup of life is always filled with dreams of something far away, the big picture. Too much of reality upsets him; but he knows there is always more to life beyond the mundane and routine. So dream big. Aim high. Fill up the void with new hope. Anything is possible now. The Jupiter god is sending his favourite child Centaur the Santa Claus this Christmas. Wish away, children!