We girls too use cuss words while conversing among ourselves. And that too, pretty generously. Some of us are really smart ones, so we know how to improvise and play with a limited vocabulary. We too talk about sex and masturbation and pornography and sexual fantasies. We talk about men as if they are delicious sausage rolls with cheese filling (pun intended). We also talk about being fed up with our men and ditching them and going on all girls trip. We too talk about violence and politics and ambitions and hopes and lying and cheating and being absolutely ruthless at times. Why do people think that women are fragile flowers with pure souls that go to bed thinking about mushy romcoms and meatball recipe? We are neither innocent nor frail. We can be as bad and twisted as any man. We see blood coming out of our body every damn month and you think we would faint if the kitchen knife slipped by an inch slicing our soft skin? Being a mother does not make us noble. Being in love does not make us Cinderella. We do not need a knight in shining armour to come and save us. We can save ourselves. Just like a vagina can endure much more than a fucking testicle. And you know what makes a man truly a knight? When his balls are strong enough to see through all of the above and realise the marvelous, majestic creatures that we are. Never forget that if Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty then it was Hera who was the first lady of them all.