Because It's Christmas

Let's screw the cynics for a day. Screw the sceptics. Screw the pagan vs Christian debate. Let us believe in magic for just one day. (I always do.) Let us believe that thousands of years ago three wise men followed the star into a stable in an obscure middle east village and knelt before a newborn who would die on cross to save us fucking miserable humans from purgatory. Let us all close our eyes and picture how the bells went off when the three magi laid their gifts at the tiny feet of the brand new human on this very day.

It's Christmas and on Christmas you say it out loud without any agenda whatsoever. Maybe just in case the wish granting Santa hears you and leaves the gift at your doorstep. On Christmas you say the truth anyway without any hope of reaching it at the destination. On Christmas you confess the shit out of the truth and just fucking say it. Because when you love someone and really miss them you just say it. Because it's Christmas.

I hope the universe fulfills all your wishes and keeps you fit as a fiddle and never makes you fall sick again. I hope you never face any hard times again. I hope on the birthday of the Saviour of the mankind He cures your blindness. I hope you get well soon. I hope you become a human being again. I hope peace and harmony prevail in your family. I hope you become a more compassionate, considerate, understanding human being. I hope you never surrender your soul to petty urges like jealousy, hatred and suspicion. I hope the new year brings all the joy into your life and ends all your dilemma. I hope all your prayers get answered. I hope you find your way back home again.

Wish you all a very happy Christmas. :)