It's not BPD
Trust me
Or any other disorder
It's fear
Mixed with paralysing
Sadness of watching
And dreams
Fall apart
Over and over again
While I am
The helpless spectator
And going back
To the empty, cold room
Falling on my knees
With tears rolling down
Before Saturn
And Mercury
And the story of
Cursed fate they etched

On this innings of mine
I can't run away from it
I can't escape it
There is no shortcut
To my happy ending
Or perhaps
There is no happy ending
For me
In this life
In this episode
That you too were
pre-destined to leave
And I can't do anything
About it
And you too
Can't do anything about it
We were just two puppets
Tied together for a while
By the thread of 
Doomed fate
And I am so sorry
For all the trouble
That I have caused you.