Thor Ragnarok (No Spoiler)

Last couple of months has not been good for me. I am disappointed, torn apart, but not shocked. I am hardly ever shocked when disaster happens in my personal life. (Touch fucking wood. Please god, do not take this statement as a challenge. I beg you.) I know the trend of my life. As some wise person might again jump at it and start charging at me for being ‘stuck in my past’ way too much for their convenience. But hey man, I studied statistics. We learned how to use past to predict our future. And most of my batchmates are earning their bread doing that only. No I don’t do that; I am just a boring bureaucrat. So let’s come to the point. What was I living for during these past two months? Transfer? Yes. New books? Yes. New clothes? Yes. Oh screw you, I am shallow and I don’t give a damn. But above all, I was waiting for one particular day. November 3rd, 2017. Thor Ragnarok was coming that day. If there is one reason I go to bed with a motivation to wake up the next morning, that would be my superheroes.

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It was a sheer coincidence that this year only I happened to read Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology. So I was familiar with the term Ragnarok. Ragnarok is the end of the world, end of everything. Well, not exactly everything. There is still new beginning post Ragnarok, as per Norse Mythology. But do not try to find that story in this Marvel version. They tell a different story. Just like Loki becomes Thor’s adopted brother from uncle, Hela (originally Hel) is Odin’s daughter, not Loki’s. Fenrir, the wolf (Fenris here) is not Loki’s son either. Here Hela (Cate Blanchett) is Odin’s firstborn who comes back to conquer the whole universe after Odin is gone. She destroys Mjonir (Thor’s hammer) and takes over Asgard. So Thor, along with Loki (oh yes) embarks upon a journey to defeat Hela and prevent Ragnarok befalling Asgard.

This is not a review but a fangirl post. So of course I am going to go gaga over everything about the movie. The best thing about the movie though? The humour. Period. This movie is filled with witty one-liners and goofy moments that will make you laugh out loud like a fool. Yes, Doctor Strange has a cameo and what can I say, he killed it. Anthony Hopkins is legend nothing new to say here but the one scene where he is actually being Loki incognito will make you kneel before him. Pun intended. Hulk. He came, he saw, he smashed. Thor wouldn’t have a chance against the goddess of death without the green monster with seven PhDs. Jeff Goldblum. I have not seen many of his movies but I have seen his comic timing in Friends. (Remember the vertical-horizontal tip?) Here he plays the lunatic and evil Grandmaster of the planet Sakar. I love it when women characters kick butt onscreen. Here not only the villain is a woman, one of the superheroes on the team too is a woman. And god, do they kick some serious butt. Blanchett is deliciously evil as goddess of death Hela. Thor looks different as his long mane is gone. Watch out for the Stan Lee cameo here. God how much I love that dude. And no Jane Foster or Darcy this time. I missed them. But Thor doesn’t spend much time on earth this time. And last but not the least, Tom Hiddleston. Statutory warning: if you already have a serious crush on this cheeky bastard you are going to lose control over it after watching this movie. Oh Loki. I was squirming in my seat whenever he was around. He is cheekier, funnier and more intense this time. And he got a hell lot of screen time. Thanks Marvel. Thor Ragnarok is the ultimate Hiddleston-porn for us fangirls who do not have a chance at a real relationship.

I was extremely apprehensive on the night before 3rd. I wasn’t sure if Ragnarok would come to Darjeeling. I was even planning a trip down to Siliguri in case it didn’t come. But it came and if only you could see my face when I was climbing two steps a time heading towards the theatre entrance. I am sure the young couple sitting beside me thought I was a psycho because the whole time I could hardly contain my excitement and I was practically talking and laughing to myself. When it comes to Marvel one simply doesn't leave the hall after the last scene. One stays back and watches the post-credit scenes too. You are not a true Marvel fan if you don't linger till the last moment after the painfully long list of all the people comes to an end. It is like being on a pilgrimage. It teaches you devotion and patience. I was among the last five people refusing to leave the hall with our feet in limbo to let the cleaners sweep away remaining of popcorns off the floor. Darjeeling, not enough Marvel fan you have. I am disappointed.