Taurus Full Moon

Today is a full moon night. The sky is clear. Liquid silver is flooding across the sleepy town. You can’t tell apart the stars and the twinkling lights adorning the hills. I look up. And then I look again. I can’t believe my eyes. Did you ever see snow-clad peaks under a moonlit sky? I just did. It is not a special night. No lost love has come home to cuddle with me under the same blanket. No kiss has been shared promising together forever . Yet I am out there. On the terrace. I am standing. Clutching the railings. Looking up at the moon and the invisible mountain gods. It says that moonlight doesn't touch your skin; it touches the veins inside and becomes one with the blood until it possesses you. Lunatic. That's the word. I am not sure if it is due to crying or the midnight chill I am shivering so violently. But I am out there, counting my karma. Making pact with the gods. While staring at the mountains that look like masterpiece of some nameless cosmic painter at the moment. You are there. Back inside my room. On my phone screen. I am out here. Untouched by you. The cold between us has reached up to my eyes now. The void in my chest is filled with the blessings from the moon god. You wouldn’t know any of these. How much I wish you were here. Standing by my side. Seeing what I am seeing right now. And every ounce of the liquid wish is coming out of my eyes rolling down my cheeks making its way down the dark deep crevice where the sad little girl sleeps alone every night. Is it a punishment or a boon that I am so lonely? I do not know. All I know is that for tonight I am not alone. The universe has come down to earth to catch my tears that look so preciously silver on its palm. You too are in it. And I am home.

Enough. Enough for now.