Memories are weird. Some stay so strong that it feels like only yesterday when it was ripping apart your reality into a forever lasting scar mark. Some go into oblivion. And they come back in flashes while you are probably putting makeup on in the morning or sipping coffee on a quiet, sunny afternoon. You feel shocked at first thinking if it really happened once. And then the indifferent rumination gives you the second wave of shock. You sit there, nodding your head with a divine smile on your face. If people could see the corner of your mouth twisted into a curve they would think you were sharing a private joke with yourself. No. You are just merely laughing inwardly thinking how on earth you thought this memory this faded trace of a bygone event would matter so much to you. But the truth is – nothing lasts forever. Love dies. Fire extinguishes. Rain stops. People leave. And even someday this one little blue planet will go to sleep without setting its morning alarm for tomorrow. Your memories will evaporate into the Nothingness beyond which nothing but more Nothingness awaits.

We say that love is the most abused word on this planet. No my dear. It’s forever.