A Science Fiction

I was just back from my date with Justice league. I was scrolling through my feed on facebok and I stumbled across this. It didn't come with a credit and I tried to browse on google to find who wrote this piece of sheer gem. Sadly I could find none. I hate sharing other people's masterpieces to draw traffic on my blog but I just had to share this. I just want to say this to whoever wrote this, "I LOVE YOU." I don't know who you are but you are probably my soulsister. Lately I have heard a lot about from a certain someone for my alleged 'bad habit' of hating women. Honestly, his allegations are not completely untrue. I absolutely loathe this clan of women who are at least partly responsible for the sad fate of their own sex. Women who always try to cage other women by petty, pragmatic values and refuse them to sanction them the wings they deserve so rightfully. For past few months my life has become hell owing to such type of women (woman). And then one fine evening I am home from a movie date and I stumble across THIS.

I do not hate the idea of procreation. Just think how cool it would be to have a mini version of you walking talking breathing exploring making mistakes falling in love (watching superhero movies reading books having crazy psycho sex) right here on this hopeless blue planet, where you have done the same, just on a different timeline? Ok, given a choice I would prefer to have a girl child or two. Men have never been my forte. And the more I see my landlady's son or my male friends or my boyfriend the more I become averse to having a little dick coming out of my own vagina. And then I saw THIS.

Honestly speaking I am not even in a committed relationship. I have never been in one actually. I am too much of a wild soul for those mundane men to cage me. If I try to look ahead, marriage is not in the cards. Not in next few years, unless miracle happens. So procreation is a subject of fantasy. And grandkids is basically science fiction. But you see dear readers, I am a dreamer. I am actually capable of sitting here and smiling through my tears and scars and imagine myself as a hot as hell silver haired tattooed (already got two of them) grandmother telling my grandchildren of the lifetime of adventure I experienced. And bloody some people think I am going to become some hateful fat masculine menopausal woman keeping fast on Saturdays and reading Hanuman Chalisa in my old age. Nope. First of all, my idea of worshiping God is an unconventional one. And second, I am never going to end up a bitter hateful envious old woman who can't stand young people in love. I may not get a chance to sit with my grandkids by the seashore, but no matter where I am, I am going to tell them stories of my life. Of blood, betrayal and a hell lot of adventure. I will tell them how my heartbreak had led me to a journey of self awakening. I will tell them how many men I had been with before I found their grandpa (whoever he might be, now it's a matter of adventure itself for me). I will tell them on how many nights I couldn't fight and I sought the easy way out. I will tell them about my best friends who stood by me through thicks and thins. I will tell them how my blog happened. I will show them my scars and let them touch those and tell them the stories behind each and every one. I will tell them how much loneliness I had to face to acknowledge what I am. I will tell them I never read a single hypocrite guru's biography or advice in my whole life and yet here I am, looking into the eyes of my own young self and reminiscing about those good times as if they happened yesterday only. I will tell them that it's OK to fuck up in life sometimes. It's OK to trust wrong people. It's OK to fall in the trap of depression. It's OK to give up. Life will actually be a very boring one if you get happily ever after at the first chance. So I will encourage them to make mistakes and learn how to survive through the tough tides. And above all, I will tell them they are the signs of my victory and how proud and accomplished I feel to have them. Because they are the proof of my survival. Because one day after I am long gone they too will turn into the silver haired grandparents and all I would want that they have some kickass stories to tell their future generations too. You never know. I might come back reincarnated as one of my great grandkids as well.