Pujo Outfit: 1/2

Let's begin with an honest confession. I had a shitty pre-Pujo time this year. Usually the pre Pujo period feels better than the actual Pujo days. The month long anticipation time is much better than those blink-and-you-miss five days. But this year I had reached such an almost half dead state before Pujo that not only the fun of counting the days was totally gone but also I was dreading every moment of upcoming festivity. Pujo was early this year so the late October chill was not in the air. Instead it was stiflingly humid and hot. And maybe I am really losing something with age but I really couldn't smell Pujo in the air this time. But to be honest, most of the time my nose was blocked due to excessive crying. There you go. I just cracked a joke on my misery. I rock!
But then miracle happened. And despite a completely sleepless Shosthi night (No I was not busy pandal hopping, I was in my bed lying wide awake, wallowing in dread and agony), and a scandalously strenuous Saptami day the rest of my Pujo went surprisingly well. And since I have taken this pledge lately to feel pain-in-the-ass optimistic I should say that this is probably the best Pujo I had in past seven (!!!!) years. Even though I spent half the time quarreling with a certain someone. But the sheer presence of that someone outweighs every single bad moments.
Meeting my best friend D after a year was obviously the highlight of this year's Pujo. She couldn't make it to Calcutta last year and I don't even wish to recall my last year's saga.
My Pujo outfit series technically starts from Tritiya only when I went to watch Yeti Obhijan with ma. And few I gave a miss owing to a lack of good pictures. As I mentioned before, there were moments when I was too preoccupied with quarreling.