New Chapter - Darjeeling

So long story short, I have shifted to Darjeeling. I had opted for this posting quite some time back but it got delayed due to so many reasons for an indefinite time period. I am a firm believer in fate, destiny and all kinds of prophecy written on the stars that are beyond our reach and logical comprehension. I hate logic. So I diverted my mind from the bureaucratic bullshit at work and told myself that the delay was pre-destined and I was supposed to fulfill some other tasks meanwhile. You may laugh at my belief and call me half-witted and superstitious but so many things happened in between that now I am more of a zealous believer in that ancient saying – nothing happens before time.

So here I am, sitting in my room that I have rented as a paying guest and writing my first blog post from Bengali’s all-time favourite hill station tormented and almost torn apart owing to decades of political turmoil. Although my interest in Darjeeling doesn’t exactly follow the typical Bengali path. I am more interested in monasteries than the rooftop of Keventer’s. The vertiginous alleyways interest me more than Tiger hill. Speaking with the locals in my pathetic Hindi gives me more pleasure than seeking Bengali company. And many more which will be unraveling here in due course.

It’s been almost 12 days since I posted anything here. Moving to a new city and finding that initial bit of foothold was quite a task. Not to mention it felt harder owing to some other personal crisis which had pulverized me into a complex mess of grief and fear just before I left home. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I am immensely grateful to the mountain gods for providing me an immediate asylum. My mind was veiled under such a thick blanket of mist that it felt as if I was a in a trance. The veil gave me a sense of security and peace from the very moment I boarded my flight and it is still with me. As if I left a part of me back home; a rather turbulent part I daresay. I can’t wait to start telling stories of this new chapter.