The Love Room

Lately the general mood on my blog had been too heavy and serious. I had to break it. So here goes the post that I have been meaning to publish for a while but somehow it was getting delayed. I am perhaps the only blogger in the world who could visit a place and then blog about it three months later. In my defence I utter the same cliché. Better late than never.

I first came to know about this place from a friend. The Love Room is Calcutta's first pet friendly cafe. The two owners of the cafe have nine dogs who are the USP of the place. There is a separate place for the pets here where they roam freely and play with the visitors.

The day we visited we got to meet Igor the husky, Tipsy the terrier (?) and I don't remember the name of the little ball of fur who was more interested in taking naps than mingling with the crowd. I tell you, that's my spirit animal. Tipsy seemed more interested in male visitors and his apparent favourite activity was to hump on their legs.

The food they offered did not have much variety and they also had a separate menu for your fur babies. We ordered a lasagna, tea and mango shake which were ok. Needless to say, I was hardly interested in food. They also had two feline members in the family whose name I forgot. After the dogs left (they leave by 8 pm) they own the place. And by owning I mean climbing on the table trying to investigate inside the teapot kinda owning.