International Dog Day

Many wonder how come a misanthrope like me could shower so much love for you guys. I reply, because humans don’t deserve it. You guys do.

God didn't give you a long life span as of humans. This earthly life is full of suffering and sorrow and god needs you badly on the other side of that rainbow bridge. And even in that short span of time you touch so many lives and teach them how to love unconditionally. We, humans, with all that impurities in our heart would never be able to love like that. So we bring you home and try to give our life some meaning, some purpose.

My life started with one of you guys. He was my uncle, my grandmother’s fourth son. He used to sit guarding over his infant niece under my grandmother’s supervision. I was fourteen when he left us. He is only a memory now in those black and white pictures clicked by my other uncle; sitting proudly in every group photo as just another member of one big family that broke into pieces long back. After him I have met many of you. I have lost many of you. I have befriended many of you while travelling. Many of you I have only known and loved via social media. Man’s best friend? How about man’s path to salvation? 

Happy international dog day.