I want you to know that I wish you to be my everything. I know the moment I would express this wish of mine the prudent people out there, the lot that are hardened by the realities of life would come charging at me. “Oh no, you can’t make a person your everything. You shouldn’t.” I know that. At least a part of me does. The part that too has faced the reality, the harshest ones. But somehow I am yet to be a hardcore, cynical person. I wonder if I could ever be. There is a type of people who are always stupid enough to keep their soft edge protected like sacred monument. And I know I would stop being whatever I am the day I would lose that soft edge. So the mellow, not-so-prudent, dreamer little girl in me wants you to be my everything. The one I would see the world with. The one I would share my nonsensical thoughts with. The one who would make my toes curl. The one who would admonish me when I am being unreasonable and bad. The one that would always be the first and the most ardent one to read my blog. And above all, the one who would love me in the times when I don't know how to love myself. Years later, when we are both ancient and wrinkled, some kid would ask us how it all had started and I would look at you and go crimson as if it was only yesterday I walked up to you stumbling and you gave me that awkward first hug.