On a Rainy Afternoon

I am not a monsoon girl. I get depressed by cloudy, gloomy day. To me, rain is synonymous with damp pile of garbage on the roadside, clogged drain and traffic jam. Yes, one of the 'perks' of growing up in a crappy metropolitan city, doesn't leave much room for romanticism. However, these days I can be found every now and then searching the sky for one piece of those water-bellied cumulonimbus bastards. When storm came the other day I was right in the middle of the exam hall, writing my half-yearly departmental exam. Needless to say, my writing speed went up instantaneously. No matter how nice the chilliness of AC feels nothing can beat the fun of a rain-soaked summer night. The prospect of sleeping with the window open, watching those sudden flashes in the sky made me forget to cringe at the thought of overflowing drenched dumpsters. And yes, the post-shower Rabindra Sarovar was looking damn beautiful.