Leave of Absence

The past two weeks have passed in a state of trance. Many things happened. Many things to write about. Many things I wouldn’t write about. Many things I have missed to write about. Watched two movies – Guardian of the Galaxy 2 and Bahubali 2. Finished reading three books (hopefully I would write a post). I visited the first pet café of Kolkata (I would definitely write a post about that). Then my one week trip to Manali happened. Six days. Countless memories. And now I am sitting here with a lump in my throat dreading the reality (read Monday and office). Not to mention despising the miserable Kolkata summer.

I was reading someone’s blog and she wrote that she had forgotten to write a mother’s day post this year. Same here. Then another realisation hit me. I suddenly remembered my last year’s mother’s day post and some incidents relating to it. Oh god, how the tables turn sometimes. How life surprises you out of nowhere. How it makes you feel that this is it, this is the end of the tunnel. Absolute pitch dark. Nowhere to proceed further. And then you begin again.

I hope to write this new chapter of my life with better proficiency.