Feline Fatality

I once read a quote somewhere; I forgot whose it was. “Only a few people care. Rest are just curious.” I probably had come across this on pinterest, now I don’t recall exactly. But those words etched into my mind and heart. And yes, fed to my already developing misanthropic attitude towards human race. I don’t have many friends. I am very stingy when it comes to love. You have to be extraordinary in order to win my respect and then yes, love. Although I have a very different definition of extraordinary. Given the standard of today’s world, traits like sincerity, honesty, kindness and above all, a spine strong enough to call a spade a spade are extraordinary to me, owing to their sheer rarity. Not a fat bank balance with a chiseled body or an ability to sing or play guitar. Sorry, I don’t have time for fake niceties. I either like you very much or would like to high five your face with a chair.

During and before my recent Manali trip from at least (stress on the at least part) five people I received the same response upon divulging them with the said information. None of these people asked me a single question about the place or my activities. Their first and only response was, “Oh with whom?” I blog in order to vent out my true feelings so I am not going to lie. What I really wanted to reply was, “Definitely not with your father, since I have a very high standard. So don’t worry, your family’s sanctity is quite safe.” Gross? Yes. Mean? Yes. Blunt and honest? Hell yes! But here’s a tip. If you don’t want to hear the wrong answer then don’t ask the wrong question.

As for me? Well, it usually goes something like this.

“I’m going on a trip.” Usual response: “Oh where? With whom?" My response: “Oh. Where? Bon voyage.” *I don’t care*
“My cousin’s stepsister got a new job!” Usual response: “Wow. Where? When? What’s the pay like? What’s her qualification? How much will she be saving for her future??” My response: “Congratulations!” *Still don’t care, unless she breaks her pay cheque with me*
“Look that’s my girlfriend!” Usual response: “Wow! Who is she? What is she? Where did you two meet? Did you guys sleep together yet? When are you getting married?” My response: “Oh nice.” *I couldn’t give lesser fuck man*

I am a person with zero curiosity when it comes to other people’s lives. I am not curious because, well, I don’t care. I truly, most sincerely, from the bottom of my very heart don’t. And most importantly, I am not going to fake my concern. Not at any cost. My interest is very much limited to a handful of people and I like to keep it that way. There are so many things out there in the world to learn, to explore. Why should I waste my time to probe at what age you lost your virginity? Sorry, I have a life. Not a perfect one, but it is still pretty amazing. And as worn out and as bruised my heart might be, it has no place for pettiness. Not yet.