It’s official. The Calcutta heat has got the better of me. And add to it the recurring hangover of my recent trip coupled with the gut-wrenching, sleep inducing, exhausting pain of impending separation (temporary, but still) from someone. Voila, every day I am dragging my body off the bed and heading for work while mentally cursing my pitiable condition and coming home with a terrible headache. My urge to sit and write a few hundred words for my infernal blog has gone on an indefinite summer vacation too. I have a habit of playing ‘what was I doing last year this time’ game when I am feeling either overjoyed or utterly pissed off about life. So I am sitting here trying to recall whether the month of May was this insufferable last year. Weather-wise of course. People who have to put up with me every second of their lives are feeling absolutely grossed out by my very presence. I am a cranky little bitch when my inner equilibrium is misplaced. However, I am utterly fortunate that none of them has ever tried to poison me so far.

Manali travelogue is due and let’s hope I start writing without much further ado. Did I happen to mention that I absolutely hate Calcutta summer?