Currently Doing

Obsessing over:

Ikat. all kinds of ikat apparels. Dress. Trousers. Scarf. Top. You name it. And I have it. Or I am in the process of acquiring it. These days I am either busy googling or hashtag hunting on instagram searching for ikat apparels. I am also stalking and screenshoting whosoever I see wearing them. Whenever I get comments like “Wow your outfit is so good!” or “Where did you get such amazing accessories from?” I try to maintain a nonchalant face and give them non-committal answer and all the while I am internally screaming "Bitch I stay up till 3 o’ clock in the morning hunting for clothes. I am a lunatic.”

Indulging in:

Some good, old organic skincare. The face wash smells so good that sometimes I smell it like smelling salt. I just repeated one word three times in one sentence. Yes, it smells that good.
The facial elixir is also good. Personally whenever I hear the word elixir written on a beauty product, I think “oh yes, finally! No one can stop me from being the most beautiful girl in the world now!” And also, I kinda feel like an elegant ass Mughal princess using them. *retarded grin*

Being in love with:

Tintin’s little book of travel. I spotted it on an online store while randomly searching for some fandom tshirts (wow it rhymes). This is more of a collectible than an actual book though.
On a different note, the other night I was talking with someone and he asked me to make a ‘what I love’ list. To my astonishment (not his though) the list turned out to be an awfully short one, only 7 items. Umm needless to say I was trying to withhold a few purposefully and even he knew it. #fireandearth

Feeling sophisticated af:

This was a gift. Honestly, not in a million years I would respond to those alluring “Madam, luxury perfume?” and walk up to those pretentious looking counters and buy myself an expensive eau de parfum. I am a free spirited Sagittarius girl who doesn’t care much about expensive, earthly possessions. But I couldn’t say no to gifts. Now whenever I am looking at the little black bottle sitting at the corner of my jewellery rack I can’t help but feel a dash of sophistication. And this also reminds me of that legendary scene from FRIENDS where Rachel goes for an interview with Gucci. I am sorry I can't describe the whole scene here. Go watch FRIENDS.
Driven by this sudden surge of sophistication I ordered two non-fiction books, one box of assorted homemade chocolate and a box of organic, charcoal soap set for someone for his birthday. Can you believe it? I almost ordered a Marvel Comics wallet for him. #nearsave #dabbingoffsweat