I dream of us
Sitting side by side
In a pair of rickety armchairs
Our feet dangling
Touching the wooden floor
You warn me
“Silly girl don’t jump on it so much
You will fall”
My eyes twinkle
But darling I have already fallen
For you
Head over heels
You sigh in mock despair
That earthy heart of yours
Giggles secretly
I am reading my favourite love sonnets
By Neruda
You are looking out
Your bovine eyes are grazing
The curves of dazzling Kanchenjunga
Neither of us is uttering a single word
Yet we know
That this is the best conversation
We have ever had
In our lifetime

When the day gets older
And the golden patch on the floor
Moves away
Leaving the feel of chill
Hanging in the air
Mist begins to draw in
Over trees
And distant mountains
Time for everyone
To return
Drape a blanket around me
If I fall asleep
Pick the book off the floor
And place it on the side table
Don't wake me up just
I am finally home.