Resolutions 2017.0

v Change my hair colour. At first I was thinking of getting a mix of peacock blue and purple highlights but then I felt it might be too much for my parents. So now I am thinking red or deep mahogany brown.

v Get two more tattoos. One I have already decided to get on my left forearm. Other I have not decided yet.

v Finish the Sikkim travelogue. It’s about time I face my fear and become the proverbial Batman. Nobody likes a pansy no-balls. Especially me.

v Be more consistent about reading. I managed to finish four books in November and then didn’t read a single one in December. That's what happens when you have Avengers or Game of Thrones marathon every alternate evening. You forget to read.

v Believe in my intuition more. No matter how much I deny, this is a proven fact that my sixth sense never lies or misguides. It’s me who decides to neglect the nagging voice in my head or the knots in my stomach and ends up all fucked up big time.

v Try not to try too hard. More often than not I forget when it is really the time to throw in the towel and go home. Not all battles are meant to be won. Or even worth fighting for. I am made of infinite numbers of galaxies. And not everyone deserves to reach for the stars.

v Try not to internalise everything. Another ‘great’ habit of mine. I often feel guilty for telling the truth in a difficult situation and then blame myself for other party’s misery. Well, truth hurts. Get a band-aid. And get over it.

v Become a Buddhist officially. I have been contemplating this for past one year. But before going for an official conversion I plan to get more insights on different schools and sects.

v Chase that one dream with more verve. What dream? I will tell you after I get it done.

v Travel. I have Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan on my list this year. Let’s see if I can keep this one. I also wish to make at least one of them a solo trip. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

v Be that unapologetic goddess bitch that I am. I pledge to drink more wine. Wear more kickass outfits. Take more selfies for Instagram. Befriend more dogs. Be more sassy, more sarcastic. More mercilessly honest. Laugh more. Love more. Show middle finger to the society more often. And never stop believing in myself no matter what.