Being Insane

You know how exhilarating it is to be the crooked, insane one? The so-called normal people will never be able to comprehend this. We are bonkers. Batshit crazy. And fully aware of it. Insanity is our choice, not helplessness. We are that heady punch of madness and philosophy that will leave you begging for more. We are compassionate in the most indifferent and cruellest way possible. That’s why darkness does not freak us out. We appreciate if you wish to get vulnerable and show us the darkest part of your soul. We promise to touch that throbbing, festering mound of flesh with our ever healing fingers and make room for light. If you give us cuts and bruises, we will make a map out of it to guide your way to salvation. Long before you came into our life with the promise of sandcastle we had put our soul on fire and turned our vulnerability into an invincible armour around us. How could your poison kill us when poison runs through our veins? No matter how hard you try you will never be able to fit us in your box. We were born to live outside it. We are to be appreciated from a safe distance, but not to be messed with. We are the eclipse who would leave you blind for the rest of your life if you forgot to put on your sunglasses. So next time if the sparkle in our eyes sweeps you off your feet, run for your life. We are not suitable for the ordinary people.