Snippets of Last Week

Initially the plan was to watch the puppet show. The glimpse of the colourful banner had caught my attention on my way to office. With no good movie running coupled with the dull face of the monsoon sky getting on the nerves the idea of trying something new had seemed really good. There is no way I would ever go watch a theatre or a literary discussion. I mean, my bed is comfortable enough to waste time and feel bored. So a puppet show sounded good -- fun and unusual yet not insufferably intellectual and stuffy.
So there we were, at the Aikyatan complex on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But to our utter disappointment, we found the show was closed for the day. Dark stage. Empty seats. The large banner announcing proudly of the tamasha that was supposed to take place in there.
A small Bengal special textile exhibition was going on adjacent to the Puppet show. So we roamed about there for a while and then headed straight for the nearest mall to have some coffee.

Dress: Fusion beats, Flats: Head over Heels