Sometimes I wonder
If you are real
Or I was just so hopelessly
In love
With the idea of my
Perfect man
That you manifested yourself
From my thoughts

You are perfect
You are so perfect with your
Amorous words
And poignant silence
That it is unnerving
You are the
Heady, intoxicating fragrance
That I can only feel
But can’t touch
I can’t feel your warmth in my arms
I can’t touch your lips
With mine
I can’t whisper in your ear
And see
How your shiver with
Sweet agony
Of pleasure
You laugh at my joke
But I can’t see
How mirth
Ripples through the creases
Of your weather-beaten face
And touches the eyes
You are the
Surprise treasure
To my penniless heart
I am elated
And equally petrified
As I have no shackles
No safe
No hidden chamber
Where I can keep you
Out of harm's way
All for mine
And never have to feel
Empty again.