The first time I laid my eyes on you you were probably a few weeks old. Little, feeble and yet so full of life. Your right front leg was a little twisted hence you could not run as fast as your other four siblings. You were always the last one to reach your mum whenever she would come to feed you people. I don't know why out of five you caught my attention the most. Was it because you were the weakest one? Or was it your black and fawn complexion that stood out among the whole bunch? I don't know. But before I knew it, you were my favourite one. I used to separate you during the mealtimes because you were too weak to eat from the lot. You knew it. You people always know it, don't you? Love speaks a more unrestrained language in your world.

The first time I noticed who you were, I was quite amazed by my own realisation. I knew people would laugh at me, but yet I was dying to share my newfound discovery with someone so badly. I told my mum but she laughed at me. I had expected that reaction to be honest. But you know me, I am your blood after all. I never really care about the world when it comes to my own convictions. And you, you were one of my weakest spots - one of those hidden injuries that never heal. It is possible that I used my blind faith to get a closure with you that I never got in your previous life as a human.

D said feeling too sad for the departed soul would only hinder its transition to the afterlife. I know I should not feel sad because now you are in a better place - the place of endless happiness and bliss. You have crossed the rainbow bridge. Still, I am a human only, and definitely not a Bodhisattva. The finality of death troubles me. The fact that I cannot see you while leaving for office or when coming home is bringing a painful lump in my throat and making my vision embarrassingly blurred.

We will all die someday. The inevitability of that final moment was ensured the moment we took our first breath. You left a little prematurely that's all. Your bad karma was over and your soul is finally free from all earthly pain. I hope you are happy now.

I will always love you.