Bodega Cantina Y bar

Bodega is a Spanish word that means a cellar or shop selling wine and food. Bodega Cantina Y bar is the new addition to the gastronomical galaxy of Park Street. Whenever we plan to eat outside, we inevitably end up in Park Street and then choose either Mocambo or Tung Fong or Bar B Q. Ok we never go to Peter Cat. I would rather eat suspicious looking Dimer jhol ar bhaat (egg curry and rice) at Joy Maa Tara Pice Hotel rather than stand in that meaningless, superficial queue and put up with their arrogant-ass maitre d'hotel. This time I suggested that we should give this new place a go.

It was Saturday. It was past 8. Obviously the restaurant part was already full. So we sat at the bar, which was downstairs. We did not enjoy climbing on those tall bar stools; S almost tripped off his stool once. I was clutching the table with my dear life, so I was spared the catastrophe.

I am no expert at describing interior designing of a place, but I liked the glow sign board near the entrance and that big yellow cab graphiti with its headlights shining. We ordered Chicken chips for starter. I took a Thai High cocktail, S took chilled beer. Thai High is a sweet concoction of lychee juice, jasmine tea, lemongrass vodka that looked better than it actually tasted. Chicken chips was literally chicken chips – potato chips mixed with shredded chicken.

In main course I took Nasi goreng and S took Beef chilly fry. Nasi goreng is the Indonesian style shrimp fried rice that comes with chicken skewers, prawn chips and roasted peanuts. I could not find anything special about it. S was already loathing his Beef fry as well as the place itself.

It was not the pretentiously served exorbitantly priced ordinary food that ticked us off though. It was the entire ambiance of the place. People were pouring in and each and every one of them looked like a very particular type of Indian who flashes their iphones and diamond solitaires and then orders Paneer tikka with lemonade at the table. There was a couple sitting at the next table – the girl looked like she had had a bout of amnesia just before leaving the house and had walked out in her fourth standard clothes. I get weird and violent thoughts in my head when I see people like that around me. I wanted to poke at her thunder thighs with my fork. Hey if Deadpool does it then he is a cool superhero, if I merely think about doing it then I’m a psycho? Double standards!

To me Bodega Cantina Y Bar was one of those flashy looking rich dudes with zero or little substance. And needless to say, our first date did not go well. Yes I might think of giving it another shot, but you know, there are too many fish out in the sea. And almost half of them I haven’t tried yet. So Bodega Cantina Y Bar is not going to make it to my 'Happily ever after' list after all.