Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there,
He wasn’t there again today,
I wish, I wish he’d go away…

When I came home last night at three,
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall,
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door…

Last night I saw upon the stair,
A little man who wasn’t there,
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away…

- William Hughes Mearns

Antigonish is a small town in the peninsula of Nova Scotia, Canada. Apart from being picturesque, Antigonish has always been a centre of attraction for another reason - ghost legends. So many supernatural occurrences that rumoured to have taken place here over the years that made the town into a poltergeist hotspot. One of such ghost stories involved a man roaming on the stairs of a haunted house in the town. Inspired by the story, American poet William Hughes Mearns wrote a play named The Psyco-ed in 1899 for an English class at Harvard University. The poem was originally a part of the play; later it became popular as a separate poem after it was first appeared in a column in the New York World.

Last week while watching Conjuring 2 the poem was constantly flashing in my mind. The movie was a big disappointment though; only the beginning was a bit scary. To me, it is still the spirit of dead people that seem more unsettling than a demon from hell.