Do you know why we are always such in sync? Why I can read your ''hmmm'' and you can read everything in my ''nothing''? It is because darling, hundreds or thousands or perhaps millions of years ago, long before we were condemned to the human life of misery, our souls were part of one cosmic energy. We were one before we were not anymore. And before parting our ways, we promised each other we would meet again. Someday.

I have always looked for you, did you know that my love? I have looked for you in those who broke my heart. I have looked for you in those who breached my trust. I even looked for you in those who were good to me. But they were not You. Did you sense that something was calling out at you? Did you ever go to sleep and dream of standing in a meadow and a retreating figure in the horizon? I bet you did. You know I did.

And now we are here. I have finally found you. And I have kept my promise. I know you are not mine. You belong to someone else. But I am not sad about that. I am just glad you are here.

Time is fleeing. And I know one life is not enough to love someone fully. I have come back for you before. I will come back for you again. We shall have different faces then. Are we going to find each other next time? I don't know. I just know this much that when that day will finally arrive and it will be time for us to go home we shall be uniting again. Forever and always. Till then, live to the fullest. Fall in love. Laugh. Cry. Dance. Celebrate life. Death. Heartbreak. And everything else that life rewards you with. Don't you worry; I shall be waiting for you.