Medieval Reactions describes Medieval Reactions as, "..the Twitter account we've been dreaming about forever. It takes medieval paintings and captions them with descriptions of UK nightlife and general 'first world problems'."

I do not have a social life whatsoever and I fall in the category of that large section of people who use internet to escape reality. I did not say this; this is a famous and most widely accepted conclusion of great many surveys on internet addiction by many psychiatric brigades and experts. So instead of going out and meeting flesh and blood humans I spend a considerable amount of time sitting in front of my laptop and moving about from one site to another - twitter, pinterest, instagram, google plus, tumblr, blogger.... And the list goes on. Places like pinterest and tumblr are just made for sociopaths like me who are fucked up to the very core. They are full of creative ideas and you will get to exercise your imagination to full extent. No one will come to socialise with you either. And you will get to collect as many Tom Hiddleston pictures and Avengers and Sherlock fandoms as you wish sans the fear of being judged. Because as I said, everyone is a sociopath there who are highly delusional and living a life on denial mode. Medieval Reactions is one such gem of a creation that has been a blockbuster since its day of arrival. And it's only getting better with time.

Here are some of my personal favourites. Mind you, some of them (most of them) are highly offensive. So I suggest you may only proceed if you are not a Victorian puritan.

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