Captain America Civil War

I have found that something too close to my heart is always something most difficult to talk about. And that’s why I probably never have discussed a single Marvel movie here despite the fact that I’m a Marvel movie nerd. I have watched each and every movie at least 10 times (#understatementalert). Let’s not take into account the new Fantastic Four movie though. I was so pissed after seeing it that I had to blast it.

It says whatever you do always is followed by a consequence, sometimes several consequences – good or bad depends on where you stand. And that holds true even if you are an American citizen AND a superhero. No one is above their own Karma. But more often than not we find ourselves standing in that crossover zone between bad and good and we no longer know whether we are the heroes or the villains. Because, in real life there is no black and white – everything is painted in such morbid shade of grey that most of our life we spend trying to figure out which side we are on. We are afraid of our own demons hiding in that grey. God was introduced because of that only – to deny the demons that reside in us.

Captain America Civil War is dipped and drowned in such myriad shades of grey that audience will not be able to figure out who is the hero and who the villain is here. The first Avengers movie without an obvious bad guy – no alien invader, no lab experiment gone wrong monster, no super intelligent evil robot. Everyone is rather torn up here between duty and the necessary evil of it. So yes, this movie is all about choosing a side. But again, choosing a side is simply impossible at times. And that’s why even if Black Widow joins Tony Stark’s team; she helps Steve and Bucky escape in the end. Sorry but this is not a spoiler.

Ok let’s switch to the lighter side. For last three months I have been collecting Civil War fandoms on tumblr and pinterest like a loyal Marvel nerd. And when the moment finally arrived I literally hopped and pranced my way to the theatre. CACW has twelve superheroes! Yes. Twelve. Six on each team. How fucking kickass is that? Spiderman has finally got his wish fulfilled. And he was hilarious. I don’t know if Andrew Garfield is going to come back, I will miss him for sure. But Tom Holland’s portrayal of a juvenile Spiderman was no less awesome. Paul Rudd’s comic timing is out of the world and his reprisal as Antman gives us a few ROFL moments. Come on, I love him since his Crap Bag days. However, I was bowled over by Black Panther. Wakandan King in a vibranium suit, coupled with that accented English and that ‘I-am-a-perfect-gentleman-but-a-badass-one’ look – my mouth was getting dry every time he was flashing his claws. And that was not fear, just to be clear. (Sshhh he will be getting his own movie, don’t worry. Hold your breath till 2018)

Bucky Barnes – the Winter Soldier, Captain Rogers’ best friend has already been giving us nerdy girls many sleepless nights since the second Captain America movie. Oh the brooding man torn between good and evil with a heart of gold – my uterus weeps for him. He plays quite the pivotal role here. And the bromance between Steve and Bucky – it could give our Gunday couple Ranveer Singh and Arjoon Kapoor a run for their money.

Chris Evans is getting hotter and hotter with each and every instalment of Avengers movie. And it is getting out of control. There is a scene where he will stop a chopper from flying off with bare hands – I swear I muttered the forbidden F word at least five times under my breath in the dark theatre. He is hot as fuck here. So hot that when you look at your boyfriend/husband after the movie is over; you will want to cry. Same goes for Scarlett Johansson. I have no idea how Ryan Raynolds is still living with that Blake Lively chick. Who the hell wants to be the damsel in distress when you can be Black Widow? Go out and kick some ass – that is one hell of a turn on.

Tony Stark is in his full form here – more sarcastic and hilarious than ever. Although I missed Pepper Potts. I did not understand whatever the hell Martin Freeman was doing there – that too with a godawful American accent. That role did not do justice to his level of awesomeness that we are accustomed with. Unless of course he is going to reprise his role in coming sequels.

CACW does not have a Loki or a Hulk. But it is undoubtedly the best Avengers movie till date. Best action scenes. Best dialogues. Age of Ultron had disappointed me big time. Not to mention that torture named Batman v Superman that I had put myself through voluntarily. Only Deadpool has been my saviour. CACW has put the smile back on my face. Actually I don’t know how a movie with such a serious storyline could be so hilarious at the same time. And now I can’t wait for Ragnarok. And I know very well whose side I am going to take in there.