All Good Things Come to an End

And when it does happen, it feels like my life is nothing but an aimless piece of crap. That I have nothing to live for. Every time I finish a book or I'm done watching a series, I go through the exact same morbid phase. Okay in such cases at least I have an option to start a new book or start downloading (illegally, of course) some new cool series on the block. I am an expert at escaping the reality only to find solace in my 'mind palace' where I'm the queen of my fictitious empire. Autocrat queen.

Ever since I am back from my vacation, I have lost my willpower to live. My normal life sucks to such great extent that my life has become one great saga of denial and escapism. S (my best friend cum travel companion cum saviour) has aptly figured out that given my characteristics I would make a perfect lama. My mindset does not suit the complexity of everyday life. I cannot even fill up my tax return form properly for crying out loud. I'm far better at embarking upon the adventure to find some solitary, unknown monastery and practice prostration in front of the Himalayan deities with such natural ease that could surprise a veteran monk.

This vacation was special owing to many reasons. But the greatest of them being the fact that I did not use my phone during the whole time. Nope, not even a little bit. My phone was lying at the pit of my bag like a useless chunk of rock. I know I could have activated international roaming and all. But then I realised that I don't give a damn about anyone else besides my parents and I could manage that pretty well without using my own phone. Distance gives you amazing clarity. And clarity gives you indisputable peace of mind. On the way back, when my phone was coming back to life, I was dying inside. One little bit at a time. Oh Great Rinpoche, can I at least marry a Himalayan monk? I hate everyone here in my life anyway. Every one is a manipulative, pretentious, lying creep here and I'm just freaking tired of putting up with their game of deception.

My travelogue will come up very soon. And it's going to be a long series. See, I leave no stone unturned to stay the hell away from reality. But first, I need to get back to my normal state so that I can start rambling again. And guess what, I have already started planning for my next trip. Yes I don't want a big job. I don't want a fancy house. I don't want marriage. I don't want kids. Just grant me my only wish. A never ending journey. I don't care where my destination is.

I did not tell where I had been off to. Here is a pictorial clue. And no, there is no prize for guessing the correct answer.