Midweek Retail Therapy

Nothing can cheer me up more than a bunch of shopping bags filled with freshly plundered treasure trove. And that pleasure grows tenfold when it involves valentine's day gifts. Well, I may not believe in valentine's day, but I surely do in gifts! Psychologically speaking, I don't know exactly where I am so severely damaged; but I do get orgasmic pleasure when I shop. And I do know that I am not the only one here who feels in that way. Sophie Kinsella wouldn't have written an entire book on it otherwise, and they wouldn't have made it into a movie.

I love visiting malls on weekdays. They remain less crowded and hence, peaceful. No queue in front of the momo shop. No queue in front of the trial room. Seriously, I hate it when I am waiting outside the trial room with a pile of clothes in my hand and some horrendously proportioned girl comes out wearing a body hugging dress looking like Harry Potter's inflated evil aunt, Marge. So my friend and I roamed about uninterrupted. Cracked inappropriate jokes. Laughed. Shopped. And had a gala time.

He has bought a kickass phone recently and has been obsessed with taking my snaps all the time. I am more than happy to oblige. Obviously.

Here, he was telling me to give a different pose and I ended up laughing. As per him, this is the best one as I am au natural here. #logic