Delusive Euphoria

If you asked me what I liked most about myself, I would say it's my sheer incapability of being sad for a prolonged period of time. I cannot stay sad for too long. Maybe a day or two. Or a week. After that the bout of sadness becomes so unbearable that I somehow fashion a way to cheer myself up. This could be a rebound relationship with a man or a new pair of shoes. This could be a short trip to somewhere. This could be a new book. This could be anything that might help me escape the heat of the reality for the time being. In fact, even an unlimited, high speed internet connection could make me feel euphoric about my life. Isn't it just another form of denial? Hell yes, is it. But isn't our sole existence revolving around the fundamentals of denial and delusional take on life? So shut up and let me be happy.